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Anti Termites Baiting Treatment

Anti Termites Corrective Treatment
January 19, 2018

Nemesis Termite System (BT SYSTEM)

  • The Nemesis System Termite Colony Elimination System Protects Your Home By Stopping Termites Before They Do Any Real Damage To Your Property.
  • The System Uses An In-Ground Bait Station Called Nemesis System That Prevents Termites From Successful Molting. The System Also Prevents Development Of The Subterranean Termites.
  • Advantages Of The Nemesis System Minimal To Zero Destruction Of Your House And Garden.
  • No Drilling, Digging Or Trenching; Gallons Of Chemical Solution Are Also Not Required.Protects Structures Before And After Termites Are Found.
  • Effective And Long-Term Control For The Management Of The Termite Colony.
  • Application Of The Active INGREDIENT Is Less Than 1 Gm ; Therefore, It Is Harmless To Humans.
  • Cap Design Is Proven To Be Child-Resistant. Active Agent Serves Only To Bring About Cessation To The Growth And Development Of Termite Activity.

How we setup the Nemesis System House

First, Your Premise Will Be Inspected For Signs Of Termites.

Once Termite Activity Is DETECTED, The Nemesis System Termite Bait Station Will Be Installed At Strategic Locations.

The Nemesis System Will Be Monitored And Checked On A Regular Basis (At Least During One Month Interval).

lf One-Half Of The Bait Matrix Has Been Consumed And If Active Feeding Continues, A Supplementary Station Shall Be Added By Stacking It On Top Of The Existing Station.

Stacking Allows For Addition Of Nemesis System Units Without Disturbing Termites Foraging Within The Previously Installed Stations.