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Anti Termites Soil Treatment

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March 16, 2018
Anti Termites Piping Treatment
January 19, 2018

Subterranean termites live under the soil where they have natural protection against the dehydrating effects of direct sunlight, they feed on cellulose which is found in wood, dead branches, leaves, tree trunks and roots, construction debris are the normal sources of food above the soil and below its surface.

In the natural world, termites play an essential part in the cycle of breakdown tor timber and in the rejuvenation of forests. However, it is when they invade human habitation ( your property or premises ) that they become unwanted guests and firm action needed to be taken from further damages on your property.

Subterranean termites penetrate human habitation through minute cracks in joints and imperfections in the brick-work. Where they have to move in exposed situations, they build humidity-controlled mud tubes and tunnels.

Our aim is to create a chemical barrier under the built-up area of your property. When termites encounter this barrier, they are repelled and your property remains intact.

The best preventive action is to termite proof the built-up area of your property by a treatment called PRE-CONSTRUCTION ANTI-TERMITE SOIL TREATMENT and involves the use of termiticide applied into the soil. The active ingredient of the termiticides used in our treatment are CHEMICIDE 75+  or  PERSIS 20.

Pesticides used in the treatment against subterranean termites are also called termiticides. All termiticides use by RKIL PEST CONTROL are registered with and approved by the Pesticides Board of Malaysia and are applied in accordance with the recommended dosage.

Our use of termiticides follows die general label recommendations of its manufacturers. As part of the newer generation of termiticides, our choice is relatively environmentally friendly.



Treatment Be Carried Out Just Before Lean-Concreting The PILE CAPS. GROUND BEAMS. GROUND SLABS


The Treatment Will Cover The Entire Built-Up Area Of The Property. Termiticides Is A Applied At The Rate Of 5 Litres / Sa Meter Using A Power Sprayer.


This Treatment Comes With A Warranty Of 5 YEARS For Treated Area Only, Effective From The Date Of Completion Of The Entire Treatment. Should Infestation Of Termite Occur During The Warranty Period, RKIL PEST CONTROL Will Initiate The Necessary Treatment To The Affected Area At On Extra Charge. RKIL PEST CONTROL Has On Other Liability Whatsoever To You.


Upon Completion of Work. RKIL PEST CONTROL Would Issue A Certificate Of Warranty